Auto start Virtual Machine – Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

So if you have been following my latest guides, you probably have VirtualBox and Phpvirtualbox installed. Here is a script where you can autostart Virtual Machine on a headless server.   Step 1. Create your startup script. You should create this file in etc/init.d/ and

How to Create virtual hosts in Apache

So today we are gonna take a look at Apache virtual hosts. One of the great things about virtual hosts is that you can host multiple instances with sub-domains for an example could i host joomla at if i had a sub-domain with that

How to secure PhpMyAdmin

So in the last tutorial we learned how to install PhpMyAdmin. The application is a popular target for attackers because there is almost no security by default in the installation. Step 1. Setup .Htaccess the first thing we should do is to enable .htaccess in

Install and Setup – LAMP in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Server

LAMP is short for: Linux – Operation system Apache – Webserver Mysql – Database PHP – Object-oriented scripting language It is called a stack because it has four layers. These four layers combined together make a powerful platform, which can run on a low end

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Install PhpMyAdmin – Ubuntu 14.04 – Lamp

In this tutorial I will show you how to setup PhpMyAdmin. As always my platform is a LAMP stack running on a headless Ubuntu 14.04 LTS server edition. PhpMyAdmin is a great tool to manage your Mysql database with a simple but powerful web interface.