Setup PXE Boot server – CentOs 7 – PfSense (DHCP)

Setup PXE Boot server – CentOs 7 Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) is a handy tool. if you have XX computers/servers and you will install Centos on them all (Just and example) the you can use one PXE Boot server to load the image to the

Let Nginx reverse-proxy pass real IP’s to Apache

Nginx reverse proxy SSL – Multiple backend servers One of the great thing with an reverse proxy server is that you can have multiple backend servers going out on the same ports and you can have all of your SSL certificates in one place. I

Setup Spacewalk | CentOs 7

Spacewalk is a Linux server management tool where you can deploy VM’s install packages and keep your system up to date. Everything in this tutorial is done as root Add repositories Enable epel repositories

Enable the JPACKAGE repo

Add the following lines and

Fix Owncloud php5-APCu warning |Owncloud

If you are hosting your Owncloud on Ubuntu then you probably noticed the warning that you are running php5-APCu version below 4.0.6 and it dosn’t matter how much you tries to update the system, because the latesT version there is released for ubuntu is currently

Setup Fail2ban with Owncloud 8.1.0

For security reasons it it a good idea to setup fai2ban on you Owncloud server in the matter of facts it should be by law! It will prevent bruteforce attacks. For an example it can set a limit for unsuceed logins, so it somone try’s

Nginx – Reverse proxy – HTTP/HTTPS

I started a vitalization project of my home server and after that I needed a reverse proxy server to handle the requests to my backend servers. I have done some reading about the different proxy servers and was actually hoping that Squid would be the

Homelab – Cupboard – Part 2

Homelab – Cupboard – Part 2 You probably now how it is, it all starts with a computer, then a router, switch small server, Raspberry pi, Firewall and you still need more to satisfy your needs. Before you know it you have a tons of

Homelab – Server – Part 1

Homelab – Server – Part 1 I have been running my WordPress site on a Asrock Q1900-Itx MB the past 8 months. It is in my opinion one of the best low priced homeserver boards you can get for the money, it has a fanless

Why use Markdown?

Why you should use Markdown and how to use it. What is Markdown It is a writing tool where you can write plain text and and then convert it into HTML code. It is a much more simple language than HTML The syntax/code is easier

Setup Dokuwiki – Ubuntu 14.04 – LAMP

Dokuwiki is a very useful application if you want to keep track on your work and have the right documentation next time you are going to do the exacts same work. this is just one possibility and they are endless. It is easy to install