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Setup Nextcloud – Ubuntu

Many of the developers at Owncloud left the project in favor of forking a new file share and sync service. So there is no reason why Nextcloud should fail, I’ve followed Nextcloud since their blog post in may and I have been very excited about

Add Ubuntu 14.04 to PXE Server

In my latest guide I showed you guys how install and configure a PXE Boot server and how to boot up a CentOS 7 installation. I have been playing around with the PXE Boot server and tried to get it to boot a Ubuntu 14.04

Let Nginx reverse-proxy pass real IP’s to Apache

Nginx reverse proxy SSL – Multiple backend servers One of the great thing with an reverse proxy server is that you can have multiple backend servers going out on the same ports and you can have all of your SSL certificates in one place. I

Fix Owncloud php5-APCu warning |Owncloud

If you are hosting your Owncloud on Ubuntu then you probably noticed the warning that you are running php5-APCu version below 4.0.6 and it dosn’t matter how much you tries to update the system, because the latesT version there is released for ubuntu is currently

Setup Fail2ban with Owncloud 8.1.0

For security reasons it it a good idea to setup fai2ban on you Owncloud server in the matter of facts it should be by law! It will prevent bruteforce attacks. For an example it can set a limit for unsuceed logins, so it somone try’s

Setup Dokuwiki – Ubuntu 14.04 – LAMP

Dokuwiki is a very useful application if you want to keep track on your work and have the right documentation next time you are going to do the exacts same work. this is just one possibility and they are endless. It is easy to install

Fix Logjam Vulnerability – Ubuntu – Apache

In the last few years we had the Heartbleed, Poodle attack and now we have Logjam witch is an attack there allow a man-in-the-middle attacker to downgrade vulnerable TLS connections to 512-bit export-grade. Here is a few simple steps there will fix the vulnerability on

How to install Owncloud 8 – Ubuntu 14.04 – LAMP

So what is Owncloud really?  Owncloud is a Dropbox-like private cloud storage. You can host Owncloud on your home server and sync all of your files between multiple computers. It is desktop client and apps for android, apple, linux  and windows. You can have multiple

Setup Clamav Virus scan and updates – Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Step 1. Install and update Clamav Enter these commands in your terminal to install Clamav, daemon and Freshclam

Run Freshclam to update the virus database

Start the clamb daemon

Step 2. Automatic virus database update It is of course essential to update

Mount Hdd or Usb drive in Ubuntu/Rpi/Linux

There is 2 ways to mount a new Hard disk in Ubuntu, you can do it manually or automatic. I will show you the two methods in this post. it is a simple and quick process so let’s get to it. Step 1. Mount the