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Reset MySql root password (No password needed)

The day finally came, and not in a good way but I forgot my MySql root password……. I found a quick and easy way to recover the MySql root password, and frankly it scares me how easy it is to reset the root password. You

Setup Nextcloud – Ubuntu

Many of the developers at Owncloud left the project in favor of forking a new file share and sync service. So there is no reason why Nextcloud should fail, I’ve followed Nextcloud since their blog post in may and I have been very excited about

Deploy Pritunl on Ubuntu

DESCRIPTION Table of Content : – Step 1. Pre-requisites – Step 2. Install Pritunl – Step 3. Configure Pritunl Step 1. Pre-requisites You will need: Ubuntu server Sudo access Access to port forward on you router Step 2. Install MongoDB & Pritunl First add mongodb

Setup RPI print server with CUPS

Info CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) is a tool there is allowing you Raspberry Pi to act as a network printer, and the tool will of course work on other systems aswell. You can manage Classes, ques, filter and so much more with CUPS and

Add Ubuntu 14.04 to PXE Server

In my latest guide I showed you guys how install and configure a PXE Boot server and how to boot up a CentOS 7 installation. I have been playing around with the PXE Boot server and tried to get it to boot a Ubuntu 14.04

Let Nginx reverse-proxy pass real IP’s to Apache

Nginx reverse proxy SSL – Multiple backend servers One of the great thing with an reverse proxy server is that you can have multiple backend servers going out on the same ports and you can have all of your SSL certificates in one place. I

Setup Spacewalk | CentOs 7

Spacewalk is a Linux server management tool where you can deploy VM’s install packages and keep your system up to date. Everything in this tutorial is done as root Add repositories Enable epel repositories

Enable the JPACKAGE repo

Add the following lines and

Nginx – Reverse proxy – HTTP/HTTPS

I started a vitalization project of my home server and after that I needed a reverse proxy server to handle the requests to my backend servers. I have done some reading about the different proxy servers and was actually hoping that Squid would be the