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pfSense – Port Forwarding

If you have a webserver and etc. etc. on your network and want to setup a Port Forward, then on a normal router you will just have to choose Port forwarding probably under services. In pfSense it is a little different but have so many amazing options!

pfSense – Snort ids/ips basic setup and configuration

Snort is one of the best opensource ids/ips (intrusion detection/prevention system) there is. Actually snort entered the opensource hall of fame in 2009 as the best opensource software of all time! snort has the ability to use real-time traffic monitoring. it has three functions –

Part I – Hardware for your Pfsense firewall

For a long time I have given it many thougts to buy an firewall for my server and home network. But a good firewall can quickly be pretty expensive. I had some old harware laying around in my appartment and I thougt it could be