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Deploy Pritunl on Ubuntu

DESCRIPTION Table of Content : – Step 1. Pre-requisites – Step 2. Install Pritunl – Step 3. Configure Pritunl Step 1. Pre-requisites You will need: Ubuntu server Sudo access Access to port forward on you router Step 2. Install MongoDB & Pritunl First add mongodb

Setup RPI print server with CUPS

Info CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) is a tool there is allowing you Raspberry Pi to act as a network printer, and the tool will of course work on other systems aswell. You can manage Classes, ques, filter and so much more with CUPS and

Add Ubuntu 14.04 to PXE Server

In my latest guide I showed you guys how install and configure a PXE Boot server and how to boot up a CentOS 7 installation. I have been playing around with the PXE Boot server and tried to get it to boot a Ubuntu 14.04

Nginx – Reverse proxy – HTTP/HTTPS

I started a vitalization project of my home server and after that I needed a reverse proxy server to handle the requests to my backend servers. I have done some reading about the different proxy servers and was actually hoping that Squid would be the

Fix Logjam Vulnerability – Ubuntu – Apache

In the last few years we had the Heartbleed, Poodle attack and now we have Logjam witch is an attack there allow a man-in-the-middle attacker to downgrade vulnerable TLS connections to 512-bit export-grade. Here is a few simple steps there will fix the vulnerability on

Fix DNS leak- OpenVPN – Manjaro

I made a tutorial regarding Ipvanish and Manjaro yesterday but I noticed my DNS was Leaking! so I had to find a quick way how to fix the DNS leak. Here are a few simple steps how to fix the DNS Leak. we need to

pfSense – Port Forwarding

If you have a webserver and etc. etc. on your network and want to setup a Port Forward, then on a normal router you will just have to choose Port forwarding probably under services. In pfSense it is a little different but have so many amazing options!

pfSense – Snort ids/ips basic setup and configuration

Snort is one of the best opensource ids/ips (intrusion detection/prevention system) there is. Actually snort entered the opensource hall of fame in 2009 as the best opensource software of all time! snort has the ability to use real-time traffic monitoring. it has three functions –