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How to install Owncloud 8 – Ubuntu 14.04 – LAMP

So what is Owncloud really?  Owncloud is a Dropbox-like private cloud storage. You can host Owncloud on your home server and sync all of your files between multiple computers. It is desktop client and apps for android, apple, linux  and windows. You can have multiple

How to install PhpVirtualbox on Ubuntu 14.04 Server – LAMP

PhpVirtualbox is a Php web application where you can manage your virtual machines. it is a great application and similar to the normal desktop gui for virtualbox. so if you have installed Oracle Virtualbox on a headless server and you miss the gui you should

How to secure PhpMyAdmin

So in the last tutorial we learned how to install PhpMyAdmin. The application is a popular target for attackers because there is almost no security by default in the installation. Step 1. Setup .Htaccess the first thing we should do is to enable .htaccess in