How to remove “No Valid Subscription” – Proxmox 4.4

I migrated from ESXI to Proxmox. due to the lack of freedom when you don’t have the money to pay for a license which is really expensive, somewhere around 695,- $. and that is frankly a lot of money when it is for home and personal use.
But it will quickly become annoying to get faces wit a big pop-up windows which reminds you that you don’t have a valid subscription.

First step is to make a quick backup of the file we are going to edit.

Second step is to open the file we are going to edit. use your preferred text editor.

and locate the section there is belov. it is probably located at line 797.

replace if (data.status === 'Active') { with if (false) { and write the changes to the file.

What is left is to reload your Proxmox WebUI in your browser, and the “No Valid Subscription” message should be gone for good. Or at least until the next big upgrade to 4.5