Deploy Pritunl on Ubuntu


Table of Content :
– Step 1. Pre-requisites
– Step 2. Install Pritunl
– Step 3. Configure Pritunl

Step 1. Pre-requisites

You will need:

  • Ubuntu server
  • Sudo access
  • Access to port forward on you router

Step 2. Install MongoDB & Pritunl

First add mongodb to apt sources list.

and then pritunl as-well.

add the apt-keys for the two repos so apt can validte them.

we have added two repos to apt sources list now, the next thing on the list is going to update the list and then install mongodb and privtunl

I am assuming you are using UFW as your firewall. We are going to open a couple of ports to get access to the web UI and also to be able to connect to the VPN.

We are going to need a setup key in a few seconds so create the key now and copy it for later use

go to the browser and enter the IP of your server, make sure to connect with HTTPS otherwise you will get a connection refused.
you will see that the site isn’t secure because it is a self-signed certificate (wich is fine if it is only you there are using it) choose to proceed here

Insert the key we created and copied earlier and login (default credentials is user : pritunl and the same for password as well.)

changethe login credentials and if you have a domain name then insert it under Let encrypt domain name to get a free SSL certificate.

next head to users and create an organization and then create a user and add it to that organization



Select a name for the VPN, the port is allready opened and you can use what ever DNS address you want to use but in most cases works just fine.
server setup

The next thing will be to connect to the VPN i am using a OpenVPN Client on my Android phone, Ipad and Computer so download your prefered client and download the .opvn file from pritunl to connect(it is found under user)
And that’s it! I’ve newer tried to setup an VPN server there was so easy like pritunl is! I wish you good luck with the new VPN server!