The foreman “Web application could not be started” bug (passenger, mod_passenger”

I was having some problems with The Foreman yesterday and I was talking with
some guys on their IRC-Channel. We came to the conclusion that the EPEL repo
had pushed an update for passenger and mod_passenger there was trumping
The Foreman repo.
It is a very straight forward process to fix this issue to follow the few steps
to get The Foreman up and running again.

and change enabled=1 under [epel] to enabled=0 and run:

you can see that the packages you are removing belongs to the epel-repo.
Install the two packages again. make sure the packages belongs to @foremans’ repositories.

then open he epel.repo file again and change enabled=0to enabled=1 and add the following lines exclude=passenger* mod passenger*
so the file look like this.

You can safely do an yum update for now without the passenger packages will
get in a conflict again. Reboot the server and everything should work as before.

Huge thanks to the people on #theforeman IRC for the help here!