Setup LaTex – Arch linux – Debian (Ubuntu-Deepin)

LaTeX is a document preparation system with high-quality typesetting. It is used to produce everything
from scientific papers to math assignments, the possibilities are endless here.
I have used LaTeX to write math
and historical assignments and I must admit I have been very impressed with how easy it is to learn the LaTeX Syntax
and how easy it is to create a simple and clean document with a stunning layout!

I have used it on Debian and Arch based systems without any trouble and in this “how to” I will guide you through the installation process of the texlive packages and also show you a couple of IDE examples.

Step 1. install TexLive

You should install following to TexLive packages :

Arch Linux (pacman)

Hit enter to select all packages texlive-most conatins.

Debian (apt-get)

It is fairly simple to install the LaTex package on a Debian based system, just run the command below.

install Latex ide

there is various Latex editors/IDEs –
you can take a look here at the various types.

I have tried a couple of different Latex IDEs and I did choose Kile as my favorite.
Some of the features Kile present is
– QuickStart Wizard
– Predefined Templates
– Syntax Highlighting
– Auto-Completion of Environments
– Jump to Structure Element
– Forward Search
– Quick Preview

This is only a couple of the neady features Kile contains.


To install the standard version then enter yaourt kile in the terminal

and then there is kile-git there is a newer version of kile with an integrated live-preview


I have tried both versions of kile and i think Kile-git is an excellent
choice i would only recommend to use this version of Kile on a large
screen, on my 15.6 inch laptop screen there is just to much information
on one screen and it is hard to get a good overview over your LaTex document.

but if you have bigass screen then go for it!

To install the gitN version then enter:
yaourt kilein the terminal