GPG Encryption – Password – Linux(CLI)

Step 1. Create test file

Lets make a test file first.

Step 2. Encrypt

now that we have created our test file the lets encrypt it with a password
You should create a strong password!

you will be prompted to enter a password, make it strong!
you can use pwgen to create a strong password.

Pick at least 13 signs, and choose that as your password.
you will be promted to enter a user-id

after this then your test.txt file is encrypted and if you type the ls command,
then you can see that a test.txt.gpp file has been created

lets try to see the content in the encrypted file

you will see something like this


Now is the time to decrypt our test.txt`it is a fairly simple and quick process.

and again then will you be prompted to enter the password you created in step 1.
you should see a output like this where you can see the encrypted content of the file.