Add Ubuntu 14.04 to PXE Server

In my latest guide
I showed you guys how install and configure a PXE Boot server and
how to boot up a CentOS 7 installation. I have been playing around with the PXE
Boot server and tried to get it to boot a Ubuntu 14.04 LTS installtion and i must
admit i have used a couple of hours to get it to work.
and as Donald Trump said “Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war.”
and he couldn’t be more right! i tried several times to make a entry in the pxe menu in
the same way as i did with Centos but it keep failing and failing until i found the solution
to place all the installation files in the tftpboot folder. I will try to find a way to place it in
the ftp/pub/ folder to keep all the files in one place but for now this will work.

Step 1. Download Ubuntu

We are going to use wget to download Ubuntu 14.04 LTS server ISO.

Step 2. Mount and copy the files

Mount the ISO file we just downloaded

Copy the nedded files for ubuntu into our tftp server

Step 3. Edit PXELinux

Open the Pxelinux.cfg/default file to configure PXE Boot menu

Add the following lines (Remember to change the label numbers if nedded)

And now you should be ready to install Ubuntu through PXE.