Setup Spacewalk | CentOs 7

Spacewalk is a Linux server management tool where you can deploy VM’s install packages and
keep your system up to date.

Everything in this tutorial is done as root

Add repositories

    Enable epel repositories

Enable the JPACKAGE repo

Add the following lines and press enter.

Enable Spacewalk repo.

Database setup

You can use various types of database but the most popular is Postreql

Setup Spacewalk

After we have added the repositories and installed our PostSQL database manager
it is time to install Spacewalk
You are going to be prompted for CA password and CA details I tried a couple of times
and was getting the same error over and over again until
I found out that you can’t use ASCII characters so dont try that! waste of time.

after the setup is complete you should go into your browser and type https://spacewalk or if you have made a local domain then use that instead.