Why use Markdown?

Why you should use Markdown and how to use it.

What is Markdown
It is a writing tool where you can write plain text and
and then convert it into HTML code. It is a much more simple language than HTML
The syntax/code is easier and faster to type in. And one more last thing, you don’t have to be online to write a post! isn’t that fantastic? i think it is.

why use Markdown ?

  • Easy to learn
    • It is a easy to learn language, when you first get hold
      on the syntax, you could try to take one of my text and
      write it again just in Mardown. if you can do that, then
      you will be far more familiar with the syntax.
      you can see the syntax here
  • Fast
    • It is lighting fast to write in Markdown! you don’t ever
      have to move your hands from the keyboard to choose
      a font or a special formattin!
  • Simple to read
    • Markdown is a simple language, if you took a Markdown te-
      text and hold it up again on a HTML code on 100 lines, then
      you could easily see that it is way more easy to read markdown
      vs HTML.
  • Flexible
    • it is too! if your are missing something or forgot something
      when you are writing in Markdown then you can easily just add
      a piece of HTML code in you markdown text.
      It is also possible to convert Markdown to almost anything!
      docx, mail, pdf you name it. You can use this tool to convert it
  • Portable
    • And at last it is also portable there is no limits when you are
      mooving back and forth between different types of Os’es.
      The size of a markdown is also small! i think this document here
      is about 1,4kB! I don’t think it could get any smaller.

I will never ever look back again, i am in that belief that markdown is the way forward!
there are different programs you can write markdown in, there is the simple ones and the more advanced ones.
But i think that Haoopad is probably the best to start with because it as a
syntax cheatsheet in the left side of the screeen.