Citrix XenServer – PCI Passthrough – DirectPath I/O

Well I am going on a journey the nex couple of months, i am gathering hardware for a low powered Xenserver and the purpose is to virtualize my pfsense box, Ubuntu webserver, Cloud storage and ect. to make it more powerefficient and then it dosn’t have to fill all that space.
To accomplish this i am going to start with my Pfsensebox. and the very first step is to Passthrough.

So to do this your CPU must have one of the following features, for Intel VT-d and AMD-Vi has to be supported by the CPU and your Motherboard. It should be a simple process so lets start

The very first thing to do should be shutting the Virtual machine down, the one you would like to make a passthrough to.
Use the Console or SSH into the host and type (you will get a list with all of your PCI cards, look for somthing like this 00:1b.7)

Find the UUID for the Virtual Machine you want to passthrough the PCI to with this command

And now enter the following command and change the red text so it match your needs.

The only left thing to do is boot up your virtual machine and see if the device is atached, if it isn’t then start over and make sure you have the right PCI ID and UUID for the Virtual Machine