Connect to IpVanish (OpenVPN) with Manjaro, Ubuntu and etc. – Linux

This is a quick guide there will show you how you can connect to IpVanish with OpenVpn.
I am going to use Manjaro but it is almost the same way to do it in Ubuntu.
I would belive this also works in fedora, mint and etc.

First we will need to make a directory to our OpenVpn configuration and Certificates so follow the three steps below.

Open the terminal ctrl+alt+t and navigate to your home directory, remember to change user with your own username.

If you aren’t using ubuntu then skip this step otherwise you will need to install a network manager.

Create a directory for your Openvpn Configuration and certification files.

Open the folder

we are going to connect to ipvanish-US-New-York-nyc-a01. I like to keep a simple overview of the different server I connect to,
The easiest way to get a good overview is to make a new folder for each server you are going to use.

open the folder and download the server files.

if you want to connect to another server you can find a server here and replace the line after /software/configs/ipvanish-xx-xxx-xxx-xxx with the server you want to connect to.

Click on the internet connection icon and ->VPN Connections -> Configure VPN
Selection_061To add a VPN connection click +Add
Workspace 1_062 Choose Import a saved VPN Configuration.Workspace 1_063Click Create.
Workspace 1_064 Navigate to /home/user/OpenVPN/ipvanish-US-New-York-nyc-a01 and Open the .ovpn file.Workspace 1_065 Enter your credentials and hit the save button Workspace 1_067Again click on the internet connection icon -> VPN Connections -> And then choose the desired server.Workspace 1_066You should be connect to IpVanish now. To confirm everything is working you can check your ip here