How to install Owncloud 8 – Ubuntu 14.04 – LAMP

So what is Owncloud really?  Owncloud is a Dropbox-like private cloud storage. You can host Owncloud on your home server and sync all of your files between multiple computers. It is desktop client and apps for android, apple, linux  and windows. You can have multiple users on your owncloud and it is pretty simple to manage.  So let us get to the point of this post! Step 1 Installation of Owncloud The first thing we want to do is add the release key in to our system by running this command.

Then we are going to add the Owncloud repositories

The last thing we want to do for now is to update our package list and install owncloud.

Step 2. Configuration of Owncloud We will have to install maria-db.

it will ask for a password and you can choose whatever you want it to be. Now we are gonna create a database in Mysql for Owncloud

You will be prompted for your Maria-db password Create a database for Owncloud

We are close to our goal now! Open your browser and enter your local_ip_or_domain/owncloud You should see a screen like this, Click on Storage & database.

Selection_007     You should create an admin account and choose MySQL/MariaDB and enter your database details you created earlier in the guide in the tab below. Selection_009 The next image on your screen is a welcome screen and you should be ready to use your owncloud service by You have now your own private cloud storage! i will strongly advise you to force https:// in the admin panel. Owncloud-Welcomescreen  

If you want to make Ownclod more secure then you should setup Fail2ban