Setup FTP Server – Rasperry Pi – Debian/linux/Ubuntu

It is a quick and easy process to setup an FTP server and it can become very handy to have. I will show you how you can setup an FTP server on your SD card and with an external harddisk.

Step 1. install FTP

We are going to install Vsftpd there is our FTP server.

Step 2. Configure vsftpd (see i said it was easy)

Open /etc/vsftpf.conf with your favorite text editor, i am going to use nano because it is my favorite

We need to change, uncomment and add the following to the file. If you are using Nano as your editor you can press ctrl+w to search for words in the .conf file.

Create these folders and set the permissions

you should create another user there isn’t a root user to access your ftp server