Install Simple Machines Forum – Ubuntu 14.04 – LAMP

“Simple Machines Forum” is a free web-based internet forum. it is easy to install and setup. it is also easy to maintaine and customize as well.

Step 1. Create a database

The first thing we are gonna do is to create a database for SMF. so go ahead and login to MySql

Create your SMF database

Create smf databse user

Connect the smf user to the database

Flush All privileges and exit MySql

Step 2. Install SMF

Download and extract SMF with this command

Grant the right permissions for the folders and files.

Step 3. Configure SMF

It is time to open your browser and type your_local_ip_or_domain

you should insert database name, database user and the password you made in the start of the guide

when you have made a connection between smf and your databse you should follow the installer guide in your browser. when you are finished with the installation you should remove install.php from the smf directory due to security.

Congratulations! you should have your own forum by now.