How to migrate Simple Machine Forum (SMF) to another server

So today are we gonna take a look at how to migrate your SMFto another server, it is a relative quick process, of course it depends how much data you will have to move, but the most important factor here is that the process is so easy that everyone is able to do it.

as usual is the guide based on a Ubuntu 14.04 LTS system with an LAMP stack

Step 1. Get your hands on the public html files.

you should go into the install directory, it will normally be located in /var/www/smf or in /var/www/html
if you are using FTP you can just backup the files, otherwise in the terminal you should use these commands cd

Step 2. Backup SMF DB

we should backup our smf database. I will use PhpMyAdmin in this guide to export the Database.
You should go to your_local_ip_or_domain/phpmyadmin

Login with you username and password

Choose you SMF database




Click on the Export button in the top panel

Press on go to download the database to you computer


Step 3. Setup Smf again

You can use the guide here to install SMF again.
when you have installed SMF should you moove the folders and overwrite the existing folders in the new installation. Then go into Phpmyadmin and clock on the new smf db and click on import.

Step 4. Repair Smf

when you have imported the data and database on the new server your URL’s  properly have been changed. you can download this tool to repair SMF. import it to you SMF main directory, open your browser and type your_local_ip_or_domain/repair_settings.php you will be suggested what to choose for the new paths, go ahead and choose your new paths and save. REMEMBER TO DELETE repair_settings.php !!! it is a major security risk to leave it in the folder when you are done.