How to install & Configure – Oracle VM VirtualBox in Ubuntu 14.04 – Headless

So today i am gonna show you, how to install virtualbox on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.
With Virtualbox is it possible to setup virtual machines, you could test one of the latest ubuntu beta distros in a virtual machine without having to format your harddisk or even without reboot. you could also host you website in the virtual machine and then make another virtual machine there is acting like a firewall so you could protect you website from annoying Spam attacks etc.

Step 1. Prepare your system.

Step 2. Installing Virtualbox.

Next we will have to add the virtualbox repositories to our source list (you can find the latest version here)

add this to the sources.list :

run this command to add the Virtualbox public key.

now we should update our package list and install virtualbox

Step 3. Configure Virtualbox

Now we will have to add our system user to virtualbox, i am gonna use demo as a user and password as password. You should change user and password to your own system user and password.

We are gonna check to see if virtualbox kernel module is loaded by typing this

You should see an output like this:
VirtualBox kernel modules (vboxdrv, vboxnetflt, vboxnetadp, vboxpci) are loaded.[/stextbox]

If it isn’t loaded you should do that by running this command

So you should have virtualbox installed and up and running by now. it can be really complicated to setup virtualmachines in the terminal and i will therefore advise you to install phpvirtualbox to get an interface to manage and setup virtualmachines.